Some say denim pants are the universal fashion piece because of their timeless flexibility, however, even though they can adapt any color, others are still having a hard time to deal with it –they are having a hard time to see the stylish side of denim jeans. Why? Because some see them as too plain vanilla to get along with the other chic pieces –by the way, I’m talking about the plain denim jeans and not the tattered ones –but the truth is, these jeans can also be stylish and sophisticated simply by pairing some voguish shoes and top. How? Check out this outfit post.

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On Trice Nagusara: Top Forever 21 | Pants Plains & Prints | Bag Terranova | Flats Tres

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On the different note, no matter how flexible these jeans are, they still have their own limitation: they are one of those clothes that have a boundary, which limits them to go beyond the formal attire. Because of this, they remain to be part of casual styling and never attain the classy look. So as a substitute, tan or brown pants are being worn during formal occasions or in the office. Similar with denim jeans, mixing and matching apparels with light brown pants is not that hard because of their flexibility, but compared to denim, they can give a chic and classy feel to your outfit opening a possibility to be part of your formal ensemble. However, of course, to be able to reach an elegant look here are some tips, which will serve as your recipes to have an outstanding and attractive get-up.

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Shades like white, off-white and cream will add more sophistication when paired with tan or light brown pants. It might look simple because of the light neutral shades, but remember that there is always a unique beauty in a simple outfit. On the other hand, if the color you have in mind is black, matching it with brown can still create an appealing look, however, this shade might somehow lessen the gracefulness of the ensemble and might give a weighty appearance because of its murky color. So, when you want to match your brown pants with black make sure to balance the two colors in order to avoid having imbalance look (heavier shade on top and lighter bottom). There are two simple ways to prevent this: first, wear a black sleeveless top then match with accessories that have light colors, and second, pair a white or cream top with black blazer or vice versa.

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Here is a pair that put my whole ensemble into a perfected state. These flats have a unique and simple appearance yet turned out to be stylish. They have a comfortable sole, which is good for walking around the mall or doing some errands. The color matches well with light shades like my white and brown outfit, and the style suits well with pants or shorts. On the other hand, if you are hesitant to wear this kind of shoes because you are worrying about the unpredictable weather, don’t worry because I have already worn them during rainy afternoon and guess what, they are still as pretty as brand new! This only proved that local online stores, like Tres, could also sell shoes that are durable and stunning similar with the branded ones. The only difference is, you don’t have to expend too much because every pair is really affordable. Agree or agree? Haha!

Shot by Seph Cham

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