Every girl has that one thing that cannot live without, and if for some it is getting their eyebrows on flick or their favorite gadget, mine is different, tissue.

Sanicare Facial TissuesIsn’t it cool how a piece of soft, lightweight paper becomes very important and useful in everyone’s everyday life? Just like me, no matter how small my bag is, I always make sure to have a pocket or travel pack facial tissue with me in case my makeup smudges or if it happens that I spilled any food or drink on my clothes – which happens most of the time – and for toilet purposes as well. Considering that I always go to events, and fashion is my thing, I am very particular with the design, as I want the one that suits my clutch bags whenever I have formal events. Of course, quality is also necessary because I only want to use one brand for home, work and travel.

Sanicare Facial TissuesWith this, one brand stands out, Sanicare. What really caught my interest are its Econo and Travel Pack facial tissues that have elegant and classic designs. And now that Sanicare partnered with local artists to help them promote their works, its designs look lovelier; one of these artists is Alessa Lanot of who designed this Lilies box, which is now my new favorite! I like how dainty it looks and how refreshing it is to look at!

Sanicare Facial TissuesSo if you are very particular with the design and quality like me, get first dibs on the new design of Sanicare facial tissue in the grocery or in any department stores this November!

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