You know for sure how guilty I am of remixing wardrobe items more than once, but as a fashion blogger, is that a bad thing?

Well, fashion is not about quantity, and not even about how pretty or expensive your wardrobe is. It is all about how good you are at dressing up: putting up a chic ensemble and having an unexpected outcome – I am talking about sporting a basic shirt yet having a fancy outfit. So, for someone who loves clothes so much, my way of sharing my style is not just how I do it or where I buy my clothes, but also how well I am at wearing a similar top or bottoms without you noticing it – that is the challenge that I want every fashion lover to take.

But to help you with that, here is a trick that I have been doing since day one: if there is a chance to combine a top and bottoms in similar color or print, do it for your first look for that top or bottom. It might look like a one-piece clothing, but it would look neat and sleek as you go monotone. Then, do mixing and matching next! Just be sure to be extra playful and always think out of the box!

Here’s to give you more idea: this ensemble below is one, and the mixed and matched look is this.

Trice Nagusara La PetiteTrice Nagusara La PetiteTrice Nagusara La PetiteTrice Nagusara La PetiteTop Mango | Skirt Zara | Shoes SM Parisian

Shot by Seph Cham

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