Remember those childhood times when throwing tantrums became your everyday habit because you were in so much hurry to grow up? Remember how pushy you became when you chose to wear your mom’s heels over your cute pink ballet flats? Or how you sneaked in your mom’s vanity table just to try her makeup? And remember how your parents kept on advising you to enjoy being a kid while it lasts; because to wear dresses as cute as bunnies, and as pretty as blooms cannot be done once you grow and become a lady. Parallel with this is the way other kids, particularly early adolescents, dress these days.

Trice Nagusara 2

What I’m wearing: Romper from Shop Thrift Market | Keeper Folder from Filed | Smartphone from Cherry Mobile | Heels from Cardam’s | Necklace from SM Accessories | Nails by Razor

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Imagine a kid wearing a sophisticated office wear, cute right? How about a girl in elementary wearing red stilettos matched with mini skirt and fitted top? Is it still cute? or just too mature?

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The influence of mass media on today’s generation changed the way kids perceive fashion; Instead of playing with prints and colors, most of them prefer to wear black and brown shades making them look mature. Because of this, they miss the blissfulness and the pleasure of wearing, mixing and matching bright colors, pastels and prints in exchange of wearing the gloomy ones. Yes, black is one of the colors that can make simple look elegant, but colors can also achieve the look of sophistication without taking away your youthful and bubbly side.

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The flawless way to show my point is with this romper from Shop Thrift Market matched with a pair of Cardam’s pumps. These two stylish pieces have color that is full of bliss and is already stylish on its own. By adding another touch of color through my necklace and Filed Keeper Folder, the whole ensemble became chic and classy.

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Say goodbye to your messy paper files and to your endless I-cannot-find-this-and-that rants because Filed finally introduced their Keeper Folder! What makes this folder different from the others? Filed Keeper Folder has a quality leatherette exterior and durable polyrubber material for spine; it has a total of eight filing compartments with label slots to keep your files organized; and for security, it has zipper and magnetic lack system. Through this, you are definitely fit and ready to hit the campus!

Trice Nagusara 6

Who would not think of swapping if a package of affordable, voguish and handy LTE smartphone is waiting for you to be owned? This Cherry Mobile Ultra is one of Cherry Mobile’s masterpieces as they finally took their brand to the next level of improvement, which all can be seen on the appearance and quality of Cherry Mobile Ultra. It runs on Android Jellybean 4.3 but will be upgradeable to the latest Android Kitkat 4.4. Its white and slim 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8926 quad-core smart phone can feature a 5” 720p HD IPS display with 13MP auto-focus rear camera and 5MP Front Camera, perfect for capturing moments.

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Get over with your boring pumps and start embracing these attractive pastel heels from Cardam’s. Hip and modish are the best characteristics of this pair, which made them a worthy pair for a trendy ensemble.

Shot by Seph Cham

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