Funny story: whenever I go shopping, my eyes are always focused on the colors I do not own yet. Regardless, I constantly end up holding pieces of white clothes, which I guess something I would not regret as white is really a timeless color – actually, it is kind of challenging for me considering how clumsy I am when eating. But still, white is white and white is classic. Hence, white button down shirt is everyone’s wardrobe staple. In fact, I do not only own one but five. With this, I decided to come up with three different outfits wearing one of my white button down shirts.

Outfit RepeaterWithout the scarf, fringes, and my red shoes, this outfit would look like a school uniform. So, if you were opting for A-line skirt to go with your white button down shirt, always remember to add some color accents.

Outfit RepeaterAs mentioned, accents and details are important and will make your whole look catchy. Thus, even if you are wearing just a shirt and a pair of leggings, with the right accessory and color, your ensemble will certainly look chic!

Outfit RepeaterDress from Unarosa

Button down shirts are perfect for preppy looks. So, layering it with your dress will definitely look great! Oh and not just dresses, overalls too!

So, which one is your favorite?

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