For someone that is not talented in doing makeup, mascara, eyebrow pencil and cc cream are my best friends – that is if I only have events. But for my errands day, I sometimes apply only moisturizer and powder to keep my skin free from skin asthma. Thus, to make sure that I still look fresh even without wearing makeup, one thing I always assure: my eyebrows are freshly groomed and definitely have a perfect arch!

Trice Nagusara Browhaus

Before, I was not confident about getting my eyebrows shaped in a certain salon because I am scared that they might make it look too thin; so I just usually opt for cleaning. Until last month, I tried Browhaus’ basic brow shaping.

Trice Nagusara Browhaus

To honest and aboveboard, I got no knowledge about eyebrows: I do not know how to shape them and I even do not know if I am doing the right thing whenever I am applying makeup on it; because I just follow the shape and then trace and color it like it is just a drawing in a coloring book – which means, I really do need my eyebrows to look perfectly shaped even I am not blessed with thickness. Fortunately, Browhaus did a very good job with my eyebrows!

Trice Nagusara BrowhausTrice Nagusara Browhaus

Browhaus’ Classic Threading Basic Brow Shaping costs Php 648. There may be other salons that offer cheaper price but in Browhaus, they make certain that nobody will go out without being happy and confident about his or her eyebrows. And based on my experience, the money and time that I expended were all worth it! Plus, the place is really clean and cute!

Trice Nagusara Strip Ministry of WaxingTrice Nagusara Strip Ministry of Waxing

After my eyebrows got cleaned and shaped, next are my legs!

Trice Nagusara Strip Ministry of Waxing

Ever since high school, I always opt for getting my legs waxed because hair grows back slower, finer and sparser than having it shaved. Plus, waxing also exfoliates providing ultra smooth and silky skin – what more when the wax that is being used is really meant to make the skin smoother?

Trice Nagusara Strip Lemon Cucumber wax

Strip now offers different flavored waxes: lemon for whitening and cucumber for moisturizing. These new waxes are packed with healing powers of Aloe Vera and Chamomile to prevent sensitive skin to aggravate. Both waxes also offer added beauty benefits of brightening and hydrating skin.

Trice Nagusara Strip Ministry of WaxingTrice Nagusara Strip Ministry of Waxing

But I tried Watermelon wax for my legs as recommended by the staff. Compared to regular wax, Watermelon wax made my skin shinier and smoother, especially after applying soothing cream that is also available in any Strip branches!

Overall, I am very happy with my eyebrows and with my hairless legs. Both Strip and Browhaus are clean and all the staffers are friendly. The service makes the price worth it especially that I noticed that the hair grows slower compared with the other waxing salons – I asked the staff about it and they told me that there are right ways and techniques to remove the hair, which affects the hair’s growth.

For more information about Browhaus and Strip’s services and rates, visit and!

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