I can still remember the days when my mom, dad and I spent almost our whole day in the SM Department store looking for a pretty pair of black shoes because it was only just a week before the school year starts. I had a difficult time in cherry picking the pair that I wanted and I every time I did, one problem occurs: my size was not available, and so, together with my parents, we roamed around the mall again and again until I found the right pair. Just so you know, this was the situation that we encountered every before the school year starts since I was in grade school, and my shoe size is just either size 7 or 8. Imagine how hard it would be, if my shoe size was 9 or 10? Wow! The hassle might be two times than what I experienced. Plus, the fact that only few brands are offering plus size for women. So if I were in the shoes of those women with big shoe size, my heart was surely got broken a lot of times, because in the world of having big feet, part of it is not getting the shoes that they just not want but also, love. And what more hurts? The moment when they are on sale (cry)! Until SM Parisian came up with a new idea that lessens the hassle of girls with big shoe sizes: Parisian Plus.

Trice Nagusara Parisian Plus 05Trice Nagusara Parisian Plus 04

Parisian expands its reach, targeting the women with plus sizes by making size 9.5 to 12 available from Parisian sandals to flats to heels. Through this, there will be less hassle for women with big sizes and it will be much easier for them to find the perfect pair for their weekday and weekend ensembles!

Trice Nagusara Parisian Plus 06Trice Nagusara Parisian Plus 02Trice Nagusara Parisian Plus 03

These styles are just the sneak peek of Parisian Plus collection. To see the full collection, head over to any SM Department stores near you or you can also visit Parisian’s Instagram or Facebook page.

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