Dogs are my happy pills ever since I was a kid; they make me smile with their puppy eyes and make me laugh with their jolly and cute actions. They are my happy playmates up until now. Their company is full of loyalty and cheerfulness even though sometimes, my legs and arms end up having full of red scratches. They are my best pals that I love more than anything! That is why, I make sure to keep them healthy, safe and clean to prevent them from any dirt and virus through monthly grooming at The Purple Groom!

Trice Nagusara Seph Cham Pet Angel x Purple Groom

What I like about The Purple Groom’s service is how the fresh smell and the cleanliness last longer than the other pet shop’s grooming service. Also, it makes the coat of my Pomeranian softer and smoother, and they trim it evenly.

Trice Nagusara Seph Cham Pet Angel x Purple Groom

So to maintain my dog’s flawless coat, I regularly comb it using Pet Angel’s brush!

Trice Nagusara Seph Cham Pet Angel x Purple Groom

Pet Angel incorporates the same tried and tested technology developed for the Tangle Angel hairbrush that is for humans – which means, the brand ensures the credibility and safety of its products for our pets. Furthermore, it has Antibacterial Protected Bristles that prevent the growth of unwanted bacteria and to make the brush ultra hygienic and safe to use.

Overall, I can say that I am really happy on how smooth and soft the coat of my dog is, and I am definitely confident that my dog is safe and being kept away from bacteria. Thus, I recommend The Purple Groom and Pet Angel to everyone who owns dogs and cats! The combination of these two brands, Pet Angel and Purple Groom, really make a very good outcome!

Pet Angel is available in selected Browhaus and Strip stores only together with Tangle Angel, My Amazing Blowdry Secret and other Cult Favorites products. For updates, you can go to or follow Tangle Angel on Instagram: @TangleAngelPh

To learn more about The Purple Groom, like their Facebook page:

Photographed by Mark Alvarez

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