Every girl dreams to have a royalty kind of me-time: no noisy and naughty kids involve, no endless calls from her boss, no unfinished homework and projects, and no hectic schedule, just sugar and spice and everything nice –yes, I am talking about pampering day!

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And to grant this wish, Princess Hazel Salon and Spa offers a place and service that will give each woman, even men, a satisfying royalty experience for just affordable price.

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Does the word “royalty” only pertains to the relaxing and pleasing services? No, because what I mean is literal royalty! The interior, furniture, and equipment are all royalty inspired. Crowns and shades of gold are all over the place to really create a palace aura and ambience, which made this salon unique and remarkable. Princess Hazel Salon and Spa offers variety of services from hair to body to nails and toes, and one of these are RF and Facial.

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First, I tried their Oxygen Facial. If you are scared of needles and pain caused by the extraction, Oxygen Facial is what you should try. It is a painless procedure that only uses vacuum to absorb blackheads and whiteheads, and to remove dead skin cells as well. However, since that there is no extraction, the vacuum does not really amputate blackheads and whiteheads, it is more on clearing the skin from dirt and dead skin cells. The procedure ended after 30 minutes and I was really happy with the outcome: a softer and clearer skin.

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The next service I tried was their RF or Radio Frequency Treatment. This treatment works through radio wave currents that penetrate deep into the dermis (deepest layer of the skin). It is effective to reduce fats and cellulite, and to tighten skin.

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Before the procedure, the staff measured my waist and abdomen to see if there will be changes that will happen after the treatment.

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Then, a cream was applied. After that, the procedure has started.

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During the treatment, the pad was slowly getting warm, which caused the cream to melt. There was no burning sensation as the staff continues to do circular movements with the pad for 30 minutes.

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The redness of the skin is normal and will take just few minutes after the treatment to return to its natural color.

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After 30 minutes of waiting, the machine alarmed. The next thing that the staff did was to massage the stomach.

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Then, she measured again my waist and abdomen to see if there was any difference that happened, and guess what! There were few centimeters that were lost! She told me that to really see the effect, I must undergo at least three procedures and I should not forget to do my regular workout, and of course, healthy diet.

Trice Nagusara Princess Hazel 14Princess Hazel Salon and Spa is located at Unit 203 Pacific Century Tower, 1472-1476 Quezon Avenue, Brgy. South Triangle, Quezon City, Philippines. For more information like their Facebook Page or follow them on Instagram

Shot by Seph Cham

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