When pizzas are around, diet is just merely a word. They are big distractions but worthwhile food for a cheat day because of their satisfying and appetizing flavor – agree or agree? Hence, whenever I skip my diet plan, pizzas are my shoulder to cry on, but only those I know that will never disappoint me and will just bring happiness and contentment to my craving tummy. Thus, when I got an invite from Project Pie last month of October, I got no doubt of saying yes!

Trice Nagusara Project Pie 01

To tell you honestly, this was my first time to try Project Pie. I heard a lot of good and fine things about it but since I am not that type of person who will try or do things just because of the trend, it did not catch much of my interest, plus the fact that I have already tried making my own pizza in other restaurant, Mad For Pizza to be particular. That was why, when we were on our way to Project Pie Valero, Makati one thing was running in my mind: how different it is from the other create your own pizza restaurants?

Trice Nagusara Project Pie 20

So the moment we arrived in the place, I got the first answer for my question: Project Pie has way better ambiance than the others.

Trice Nagusara Project Pie 02

Trice Nagusara Project Pie 03

Witty and funny words are all over the walls and even on their utilities, making its welcome feel so warm and fun!

Trice Nagusara Project Pie 04

There are also cute and hilarious dedications and quotes on their white wall at its second floor that matched with the vibes of the place.

Trice Nagusara Project Pie 07

Trice Nagusara Project Pie 19

Its interior is actually simple yet homey. With its warm lights and neutral walls and furniture, everything looks so neat and cozy, which made it the perfect place for barkada get together and bonding.

Trice Nagusara Project Pie 08

Trice Nagusara Project Pie 09

Trice Nagusara Project Pie 06

Menu will be given at the build your own pizza area. There are two choices to choose from: whether you are going to order the one that is already made or you will create your own recipe. I have selected the ready made recipes, but I have requested to have two flavors in one pizza, which means, the half has different flavor from the other half.

Trice Nagusara Project Pie 10

Trice Nagusara Project Pie 11

Trice Nagusara Project Pie 12

So the half has Project Pie’s number two recipe, which has pepperoni, Italian sausage, crumbled meatballs, mozzarella, garlic and its signature red sauce. While, the other half has its number seven recipe that has Prosciutto, mozzarella, Parmesan and caramelized onion. You can also ask to have additional toppings if you want, but still, the price is Php285.

Trice Nagusara Project Pie 13

Trice Nagusara Project Pie 14

Project Pie has other sweet and surprising toppings to offer: Parmesan and garlic, cinnamon sugar with icing, strawberry mango Nutella, peanut butter Nutella and banana Nutella. These ones have different prices and they are not included to the unlimited toppings.

Trice Nagusara Project Pie 15

Seph chose to build his own pizza. Similar with me, he requested to have two flavors in one pizza. I cannot remember what flavor he made for the first half, but the other half was a mixed of different cheese toppings!

Trice Nagusara Project Pie 21

Trice Nagusara Project Pie 17

For our drinks, our friend Rob who is part of the Project Pie Valero team, suggested to combine Sprite and Sweet Peach, which what we did and guess what! It was delish!! You should try it!!

Trice Nagusara Project Pie 18

And here was the riveting part, the part where we can now eat our pizzas!

Trice Nagusara Project Pie 16

To be honest and aboveboard, aside from the great interior, friendly crew and unique toppings that Project Pie has, the last thing that I saw that made Project Pie different (in a good way) was its pizza crust; because I noticed that the pizza crust of some make your own pizza restaurants was easy to get stale. While in Project Pie, up until to the last piece my pizza, it still tasted fresh and of course, delish! On the other hand, for me, the taste was just similar with the others – unless you will be playful in your toppings then it will make a lot of difference. But since mine has the usual toppings, maybe, that was the reason why I ended up having the same taste.

Trice Nagusara Project Pie 23

Nevertheless, I had a lot of fun! Thanks, Rob and Project Pie!

To know more about Project Pie, like its Facebook page here.

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