The simplest yet one of the sophisticated colors, white, has its own way to be an outstanding color next to silver and gold. No matter how casual you worn it and how simple your composition is, you always end up having a chic, elegant and modest ensemble. There are a lot of ways to look attractive with this color, but the common combination for both women and men is the color of coal and diamond: black and white.

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On Trice Nagusara: Top Plains & Prints | Skirt Forever 21 | Bag 212 VIP Rose | Watch Morellato | Shoes Maria Salvador

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Black and white might be the most tried color combination, but the sharp punch and mix of ebony and ivory is really trendy and modern. Through its contrast, a stunning ensemble can be shaped that is flexible and sometimes, better than the ones with vibrant colors. This combination is certainly a wardrobe staple and an important piece that creates drama to your outfit, whether formal or casual wear. With tons of ways to make conspicuous fashion statements out of it, black and white combination continues to grow and become popular ever since fashion was born.

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No matter how simple or complicated your fashion pieces are, with a black and white combination there is no way it will cause any hard times and decision at all –because everything suits to each other no matter what. The only thing that will give a little difficulty to everyone, particularly girls, is the flawless look that is appropriate for both meetings and errands, and also for a Friday night out. So, to give an immediate remedy, here is my suggested ensemble:

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Chic, classy and free are the best adjectives to describe this outfit. Because first, it is chic because of the stunning compostion: sleeveless collared blouse, leather skater skirt, belt, and wedge; second, it is classy because of the modesty of the color combination and the elegance of the silver belt that complements well with the gems of the top; and third, it is free because of its coziness and flexibility. With these three, it is definitely the perfect outfit for your hectic but fun Friday!

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This white sleeveless collared blouse has the perfect blend of simplicity and elegance. Its look is flexible for casual, sporty casual, semi formal and even formal styling; the magic is depend on the bottoms that you are going to pair with it and on the layering as well. If you are thinking about having a sporty casual outfit, check out my sporty casual look.

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Classy will never be classy without an elegant and sophisticated watch. Morellato recently launched its Shangri-la branch last July 22, 2014. So for stunning watches and accessories, this is the perfect store to go to! For more details, here is my previous blog post about them: Morellato

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A pair of wedge is a pair of comfort with high heels. Nobody wants to have aching feet during a busy day right? So if wearing flats is not what your fashion scheduler says, then this pair is certainly the one you should try!

Shot by Seph Cham

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