If I called you today and asked you to go to the beach with me, where would you wish to go? I, on the other hand, would always opt for my go-to place: La Union.

I even cannot remember how many times I have been in La Union, but my guy and I are here at least once a year for a few days of escape from the city – we even witnessed how San Juan City looks like when it only had a few restaurants in the area. So, why I love this place?

San Juan La UnionNo, I am not a surfer and definitely not a good swimmer, but I am always and always in love with the sun, sand, and the ocean, in short, the beach. I can stay there for hours just sitting by the shore, under the sun, with some cold drinks or some Buko Salad iced candies that we only tried in LU last month of March for only Php 20 each, and was already the best thing we had! I do not know, maybe I am just one of those persons who loves hearing the waves, day or night, which I would enjoy more if the place is not crowded. Hence, since a few years ago, my go-to beach place is always San Juan, La Union.

San Juan La Union SunsetAlthough it is starting to get crowded a bit, especially now that it is summer season, I still prefer La Union than the other popular beach spots as it has a lot of food and restaurant choices, and by night, you will not hear anything but the waves. Plus, its sunsets are too stunning!!

And because I mentioned food, our favorites until now are of course, Tagpuan and El Union.

Tagpuan La Union Seph ChamTagpuan

Aside from its delicious Bagnet, Tapa and Tokwa’t Baboy, this place is a lifesaver for those who are on a budget. I swear! You should not miss this when you are in San Juan, La Union.

El Union Coffee La UnionEl Union Coffee La UnionEl Union Coffee La UnionEl Union Coffee

Whenever I hear or remember El Union, there is always one thing I crave, S’mores!! Yup, El Union’s coffees are the best, but its S’mores is to die for! There is no day will pass by without me having one! Oh, and you should also try its Grilled Cheese with Bacon Jam!

El Union Coffee La UnionEl Union Coffee La Union S'moresEl Union Coffee Makai Bowls Tattoo 55 Artek Wine Yacht Asian Smoke House San Juan La UnionAnd because there are lots of eateries in the area already, we also tried some! Here are my favorites:

El Union Coffee La UnionMakai Bowls La UnionMakai Bowls

Definitely for those who are on a diet or just love healthy smoothie bowls! Plus, the ambiance and its interior are perfect as hang out place with friends particularly during sunset. We ordered Carille, which has banana, peanut butter, cacao, maca, coconut milk and honey. Its price is Php 240, which I guess not that bad for a delish smoothie bowl.

The Coffee Library La UnionThe Coffee Library La UnionThe Coffee Library La Union Turon A La ModeThe Coffee Library

We did not get to try its main meals, but its snacks and desserts are appetizing particularly the Mozzarella Sticks and Turon A La Mode! Additionally, I love the rustic vibe of the place!

The Coffee Library San Juan La UnionBeach Bum Food Park La Union Rustic Box SteakBeach Bum Food Park

Because I am craving for steak, we surprisingly found one in Beach Bum Food Park. Of course, as it is only a food park, I did not expect too much but this steak that I had from Rustic Box was shockingly juicy and flavorful! Seriously, I was literally surprised, however, its French Fries was too oily and saggy.

Artek Wine Yacht San Juan La UnionArtek Wine Yacht San Juan La UnionArtek Wine Yacht

The “tita” in me was so happy when we discovered this restaurant inside El Union. It has different options of red and white wine, and other alcoholic drinks. The place is actually nice if you want a quiet spot with a friend to chill and hang for a while.

Trice Nagusara Graffiti WallAll of the mentioned restaurants are actually Instagram worthy places, but if you are interested in graffiti walls, San Juan La Union also has a spot where there are different Street Arts in one area. If before, entrance is free, it now has a Php 10 fee per person for the maintenance of the place.

Lipault Bag LuggageOn the other hand, with all the stuff I brought with me for my La Union trip, clothes, toiletries, shoes, gadgets, I did not feel any inconvenience, as I was able to fit everything in one bag, my favorite summer travel bag: Lipault Blooming Summer luggage!

Lipault Bag LuggageThe very first thing I noticed aside from its stylish design is how light it is! When the luggage is empty, it feels like you are just carrying an empty backpack – yup, that is how light it is, no kidding! In addition, it got lots of pockets inside and also, a pocket outside to get some stuff conveniently.

Lipault Bag LuggageI cannot wait to bring it with me again on my next summer destination, Albay!

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