Fashion is an infinite road: a smooth drive and fun road trip to sophistication, and an exciting adventure all the way to the spotlight. In here, your journeys and experiences are your noteworthy lessons. Similar with life, there you will find different problems aim to challenge your strengths and weaknesses. Without thinking outside the box and without trying things outside your shell, everything might become an ordinary routine; because the secret in creating a fashion piece is being brave in experimenting and going out on your fashion comfort zone.

Trice Nagusara Freego 1

What I’m wearing: Top from Roxy | Jeans from Freego | Wedges from Tres

Trice Nagusara Freego 2

Everyone has a pair of classic jeans and styles them in a way that is simple and comfortable. Usually, people wear them during their busy and hassle days to make way for flexible movements. However, the sad truth about jeans is only some are trying to experiment and include them on a stylish ensemble, especially here in the Philippines. Commonly, shirts and tank tops are the match of jeans, which always ended up having a plain-vanilla ensemble. But how about trying to pair these jeans to the usual top you match to your skirts? And to your shoes that you think are only for your dress?

Trice Nagusara Freego 3

Trice Nagusara Freego 5

So I rolled a pair of these Freego Super Shaper jeans up to the ankle for a chic style together with this great pair of head turner red heels from Tres! These Super Shaper jeans are perfect for petite girls because they flatter the shape of the hips and buttocks, proving that denim jeans are still fashionable and sexy. By combining them with modish corset like what I am wearing, which is actually a swimsuit, turned the whole outfit into a charismatic one.

Trice Nagusara Freego 4

Trice Nagusara Freego 6

These shoes from Tres are definitely attention-grabbing heels! No wonder they are the apple of the eye of everyone because of their voguish style and color. And if coziness is what you are looking for, this pair should be on top of your list!

Photos taken by Seph Cham

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