Versatile, convenient and timeless, all these adjectives fall to only one print that mostly worn by everyone: stripes.

To think of a print that can always look good and decent even when matched with another print, stripes are the only print that pops in my mind. Whether you wear them as an accent or as a contrasting pattern over printed bottoms or top, stripes simply make the ensemble up-to-date particularly when combined with the right pieces – even stripes over floral prints make a stunning outcome, however, such matchups generally not that applicable to day-to-day looks. So, here are my two stripy looks that you can wear as your everyday outfit:

Trice Nagusara La Petite

The key to wearing stripes for your casual ensemble is to always wear them with a solid. While for dresses, horizontal stripes are not something to be afraid of especially if the dress has flawless silhouette, and if the stripes are thin.

Trice Nagusara La Petite

On a different note, when girls are sporting such dress that I am wearing, a pair of sandals unconsciously being opted for, little they know, sneakers work well with it! Plus, they bring more comfort and twist!

Trice Nagusara La Petite

And with this kind of look, wrapping around a jacket on your waist completes the outfit. Also, the touch of denim over this blue striped dress definitely added a touch of simple but good accent.

Trice Nagusara La Petite

On the other hand, for not too casual outfit, striped three quarter sleeve dresses are perfect BUT only the ones with faultless silhouette to emphasize your figure even with horizontal stripes, if not, they might widen your shape and arms.

Trice Nagusara La Petite

Good thing, this dress gives a perfect outline of my body shape. What is more, the contrast of its black sleeves gives highlight on my figure as it pops the color white that embraces my body.

Trice Nagusara La Petite

For additional accent, I opted for orange clutch to brighten up the ensemble even just for a bit and then I just chose neutrals for my hat and shoes.

Stripes are indeed easy going even on mixing and matching. they give accent to anything plain just with their basic lines and colors, but these are none sense when what you keep on sporting does not outline your body figure but only make you look wider and bulky. So remember to always opt for the right size and fit particularly with horizontal stripes.

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Shot by Seph Cham

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