There are tons of prints coming in and out of the fashion boarder line; one print comes in then the other comes out. What is the cause behind the cycle? Some say it is seasonal, but the realization of the floral prints maintaining its trend immunity confuses everyone; because instead of getting evicted due to the newfound print competitor, floral prints still find a way to be the apple of the eye of women or even men.

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What I’m wearing: Blazer from Flea Market | Dress from Stilesclothing | Shoes from Keds | Belt from SM Accessories | Snapback from SephCham_Shop

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The voguishness of floral prints continues to be undeniable as these prints persist to stun everyone in different fashion statements. As time flies, these prints get to invade variety of fashion pieces whether for men or women. Through simple mixes of floral prints and neutral colors, a stylish ensemble could already be shaped without being knotty.

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They say that the real fun starts after your comfort zone. Risky as it may sound but these catchy prints can be the most striking prints, when matched with another floral prints. Complicated? Always! But definitely worth it!

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The trick is only on the print itself and its color. Take note that in order to create balance between colors, one should always be neutral. On the other hand, if we are talking about pairing two different floral prints, it is better to have one bold print matched with bits of floral.

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Plain caps is so 2012, because this floral snapback from SephCham_Shop has really something to brag about!

Photos taken by Seph Cham

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