Indeed high school was my best four years of being a student among the 17 to 18 years of my student life: less stress, more fun and “kalokohan”, and most of all, more time to go out and have fun with my beloved schoolmates and friends. However, after those four years, goodbyes were made but new hellos were said to the new environment and people that I am going to deal with in my college life.

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My college life is similar with how people see life as a roller coaster ride: I had my ups and downs, situations that can be fun for a minute but terrifying for an hour, and lastly, there were moments that sometimes have to start with a big drop to make it more exciting and challenging. Yes, college never became that easy for me, not just because of the stressful courses but also, because of the people who did not understand how things must change in a way that can help a person to grow as a matured individual. Friendships, betrayals, failures, love and sacrifices, were part of what I experienced in college, and now as I take another step to continue my life’s journey, those things and people will never be forgotten and the learning that they taught will be forever kept in my heart. And just last March 29, 2014, I finally got my diploma.

That day was one of the best and remarkable days of my life. It consists of our positive goodbyes; tears that were shed but with painted smile on our faces; and the best part of the day, was when the broken glass of trust and friendship has given a chance to magically grow into a piece of shiny gold.

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However, that day will not be that special without Make Me Blush Nail Spa and Beauty Lounge family.

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Just imagine my girly and cheerful characteristics translated into a place where everyone can enjoy a relaxing summer break. With floral prints and pastel colors on the wall, everything suits for a girlish pampering day.

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The aura of the place is really light and positive because of the colors and prints. There is also a sufficient amount of light coming in that makes it look livelier and more beautiful.

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There are different colors and brands of nail polishes to choose from, but for my big day, I chose the color of luxury and sophistication: gold.

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Make Me Blush does not only offer a day of relaxing massage and pampering, but also a place that will surely give remedy to your bad hair days and will help you enhance your natural beauty.

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Ms. Alyssa, the make-up artist and owner of Make Me Blush, did a great job in doing my make-up. She did it in a way that is not overwhelming but can still enhance each of my face’s features.

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What I also like about Make Me Blush Salon is their very friendly and accommodating staff. Once you enter the salon, smiles and greetings from them will automatically welcome you; and while you are choosing which service you want to avail, you will be asked if you want to have some refreshing drinks to make you feel more comfortable and as if you are just in your own home.

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If there is another thing that I really appreciate and will never forget about that day, it is the support and thoughtfulness of my guy, Seph Cham. I may not be that it-is-my-special-day-give-me-a-bouquet-of-flowers type of girl, but seeing his effort of waiting and surprising me after our graduation ceremony made me realize that I am more than a lucky girl!

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And of course, everything will not be possible without these best people in the world! Well I cannot say that I am behave and obedient daughter, because if there is just an award for the most “pasaway” only child on earth, it will definitely be me! Haha! However, even though I am not worthy for the Best Behaved Kid Award, at the end of the day, I make sure that I am still on the right path to pursue my promise to my parents, to pursue my dreams and their dreams for me, and to make them both proud and happy. That is why, my diploma and my graduation day, are not really mine but for them.

Make Me Blush Nail Spa & Beauty Lounge is located at Hemady Square Unit 303 86 Dona Hemady Street Corner E. Rodriguez Ave., Quezon City, Philippines. For more information like them on their Facebook and Instagram account.

Photos are taken by Seph Cham

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