Do you believe in the power of choices? The choices that can change your fate in just a blink of an eye? Me, I do. I do think that what is happening now is the result or effect of our decisions yesterday; that wherever path we are now has something to do with the choices we made; and that whatever regret we are feeling now is the outcome of the mistakes we have chose to make in the past. Thus, for me, I see each day as the connection of my past and future. Hence, there should be a lot of thinking before making a decision or action because life could betray you tomorrow.

That is what I keep on preventing, which is why, doing my part as a person who wants to have a better and planned tomorrow is a responsibility that I have to keep in mind each day; because now, I learned my lesson. Before, life for me was just a life: the one who wakes you up every morning, and the one you should live everyday – no pressure just live it the way you wanted. However, when I reached college, life hit me, because this time, life was different.

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College was an utterly different world from highschool: if before, it seemed like your world, your friends’ and your classmates’ world had similar routines and you all had similar interests, in college, everything was the opposite, especially in my case. When I finally arrived on the third level of college, I became active in my organization and I was selected to be the president. From that point, everything started to change because my free time became limited and most of my time during my break, I was in the office finishing or doing some of my organization’s requirements or helping out my department in planning some of my course’s activities or program. As a result, little by little I started to have just a bit of time hanging out with my friends, but it did not bother me too much because I thought they knew the situation and they understand. However, it turned out they did not; because when we reached the last level of college, fourth year, changes in my schedule happened, which ended me having a different section on some of my subjects. Also, at this point, I started blogging and became active in going to different brands’ events. And because I am a graduating student, balancing my time in school, thesis, and blog was my focus at that time. Hence, I barely see my friends.

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As a result, those people I thought were my friends were actually strangers. It was the second semester of the year when my concerned friends of mine started telling me some information and hearsay that they heard from my blockmates/friends. I got hurt and felt betrayed. My head was telling me to turn my back and leave my other classes just to avoid them, but one thing I realized, if I follow what my head was whispering, it would look like I was the one who did something wrong and I will be the one who will lost the game. So, I came in my class without bothering any of the whispering happening around me and I continued being active during recitation because letting them affect my grades was not worth it at all. I actually made their bitchiness became my motivation and my inspiration to improve and become a better person – and not as the inspiration to be a bitch. So instead of walking away, eventually, I managed to confront them to know the truth. And before graduation, everything was just like the old times, but I admit, getting back my trust was the hardest part.

How about you? Were there times when your head was telling you the opposite of what you should really do? How did you fight it? Share your experiences at www.stopthebulong.com and you might win 50k worth of Topshop GCs! Check out the mechanics here.

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