There comes a point in your life when you realize how much you spend most of your time working that you forget how to have fun, and enjoy your life without thinking of your job and responsibilities. That point in your life when suddenly, you just want to close your laptop, bring down the pen you are holding, bring back those papers to the drawer, get out of your office desk and do something unique, fun, exciting, unforgettable, and something that will make you learn that life is a wonderful thing that you need to enjoy. Suddenly, you want to believe in the science of #TryingStuff.

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But of course, it is always great doing new things with trusted and excellent companion that you know will never fail you whether under the sunny or cold weather or under the heavy rain. A companion that will not hinder you to try different things that you never tried doing before but is there to support and motivate you to exceed your potential – and this is the main purpose of Columbia Sportswear.

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Columbia Sportswear grows from a small Portland based hat company in 1938, to one of the biggest international companies selling outdoor apparel with fabric technology that far surpasses any of its competitors. Now in the Philippines, Columbia gives testament to the growing number of adventure seekers as it opens its 20th store in this country by the end of the year. The Columbia Sportswear watch will also be made available this coming October in selected Columbia and R.O.X. stores nationwide.

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Together with some of these brand ambassadors namely John Chua, Paco Guerrero, Paul Quiambao, Paelo Padrejas, and Rolly Magpayo- Columbia Sportswear celebrated the spirit of adventure and innovation with a showcase of the Trying Stuff lifestyle as told in truly inspiring photographs and videos. This was held last September 25, 6PM  at the Privato Hotel in Ortigas.

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Aside from the exhibit, Columbia Sportswear also featured a testing hub for two of its advanced fabric technology: Omni-Heat® and Omni-Tech®.

Columbia TurboDown Jacket Trice Nagusara

Omni-Heat is the ultimate body heat management system for the outdoors. This thermal reflective technology helps regulate your temperature by reflecting and retaining the warmth your body generates, while dissipating moisture and excess heat to keep you comfortable.

Trice Nagusara Columbia Omni-Tech

On the other hand, Omni-Tech provides unsurpassed waterproof and breathable protection. Omni-Tech® utilizes Omni-Shield® technology which prevents water from coming in from the outside, while 100% air permeable Omni-Tech membranes creates superior breathability that allows moisture to move away from the skin. I have tried it on myself, and yes, this whole outfit really kept me dry!

For more information, visit the company’s website at www.columbia.com

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