Windows of free time during a day of events and meetings are meant for a stay in a café with a laptop on a table, cookies and a cup of coffee beside of it, earphones plugged in my ears with some indie music in the background to keep my mood up. Thus, one thing I always make sure aside from bringing my gadgets with me, a protective case to keep them safe and secure especially on a day when I am on the go. Hence, this Tech 21 Impact Snap Case saved me from worrying and kept me confident in bringing my lappy wherever I go!

Trice NagusaraTrice Nagusara Tech 21 Impact Snap Case

How? It is all because of these three reasons: First, Tech 21 Impact Snap Case features Flex Shock impact material, which absorbs, dissipates and reflects force upon impact. Meaning, even your laptop accidentally slips out of your hands expect less dents and scratches.

Trice Nagusara Tech 21 Impact Snap Case

Second, unlike the other MacBook cases, Tech 21 Impact Snap Case has the flawless fit because it is made of super-slim cover that moulds seamlessly around your MacBook creating a stylish minimalistic look.

Trice Nagusara Tech 21 Impact Snap Case

And third, it is slim and lightweight with heavy-duty protection that ensures the safety of every edge or corner of your laptop.

Trice Nagusara Tech 21 Impact Snap Case

With these three reliable reasons, bringing my laptop during my meetings and errands is never a problem: there is nothing to worry about plus I can just bring it even without a laptop bag! Less hassle, right?

So head over to the nearest branch of Digital Walker and Beyond The Box, and choose the color you prefer: black, clear, pink and purple. It has a price of Php3,650, a bit expensive but definitely worth every penny – especially when we are talking about how sensitive a MacBook is to scratches and dents! Get now yours and share with me your experience! 🙂

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