I’m allergic to chicken, but I’m going to have Aristocrat’s Chicken Barbecue anyway.

Do you know those moments when you realize how unfair life is? Well, if you don’t, good for you, but if you do, don’t worry I can totally relate RN.

Aristocrat is one of those restaurants where we usually dine when I was a kid – I can even recall so many memories just by hearing its name, but what I will never forget is how I love its Chicken Barbecue and its Java sauce.

Now, here’s where the life-is-so-unfair-part applies: when I graduated college, chicken is one of the food that I can’t have every day, or even every week – unless it’s the breast part. It became my routine to prevent even a single bite of this meat due to my allergy, but on those days when I crave for some and decide to break the rules, I don’t think twice especially when I know it will be all worth it; hence, the Aristocrat Chicken Barbecue.

What I like about Aristocrat’s famous Chicken Barbecue is how its meat is so tender and tasty, and its sauce makes it sweet and savory. What’s more, its Java sauce makes it more flavorful, and gives an appetizing twist.

Overall, Aristocrat’s Chicken Barbecue is a must-try! Most importantly, never forget to ask for Java sauce and rice! That way, you’ll have a more unique and delish experience than expected.

Also, try the Pork Spareribs Barbecue! It’s good as well! Plus, it’s a perf substitute if you’re also allergic to chicken!

So, what’s your Aristocrat story?

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