Most of you probably made the most out of your summer vacation. Whether you went to the beach or went hiking and traveling, the question is: have you applied sunscreen before your adventure started? Because even if having fun is your top priority, thing is, part of the journey is taking care of your skin regardless of your activity. But if you are one of the people who hate wearing sunblock and it happens that you got a farmer’s tan line from your outdoor activities, then here is a remedy that you should try as it also has a natural sunscreen: Snow Crystal White Tomato.

Snow Crystal White Tomato - Trice Nagusara

Normally, it takes a month or two to even out one’s skin tone most especially when he or she only relies on a topical cream. Laser therapies are of course the best way to get rid of uneven skin tone easily but it is just too pricey, which led me on finding the faster and inexpensive way to even out my skin tone. That is when I discovered Snow Crystal White Tomato, which only retails for Php 2,985 but already promises to whiten and even out skin tone, and to reduce the signs of aging. What is more, it also has soap that you can get for only Php 299!

Snow Crystal White Tomato - Trice Nagusara

So what makes it different from any other brands? Snow Crystal White Tomato has 800mg of Colorless Carotenoids or PhytoflORAL and 500mg of Kohjin L-Glutathione in one tablet, which makes it more effective than the other brands that only have PhytoflORAL. As a result, it is one of the most powerful antioxidants that helps prevent the formation of free radicals and repair skin. Also, it effectually whitens and evens out skin tone, and it has a natural sunscreen, which is perfect for those who hate the sticky feeling of wearing sunblock.

Another good thing about Snow Crystal White Tomato is that it has Bioperine that serves as “bio-enhancer” to increase the absorption of the two main ingredients, PhytoflORAL and L-Glutathione, for faster and better result.

Snow Crystal White Tomato - Trice Nagusara

Overall, Snow Crystal White Tomato is an all in one L-Glutathione tablet that has everything you need for healthy glowing skin. Plus, if you forgot wearing sunblock, its natural sunscreen got your back!

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