Life goals are easy to dream and set, but never easy to reach; it takes a lot of effort, courage and confidence to achieve them and plenty of time to be successful. Trial and error and putting something down to experience are the best components when attaining a certain dream as you experience many challenges along our way to success, and from a perspective of a woman, there are other issues that can occur: inequality, other women’s insecurity, endless criticisms and the never getting tired people who keep on trying to bring you down. All that are part of your journey, but aside from checking yourself of what you did wrong or what has became the problem – which could be your attitude towards the situation – there is nothing that you should do but to keep on moving forward. However, if you happened to fail or do something wrong, simply learn from it and try once again but this time, by doing better. Just like what they say, “When life gets tough, be tougher”; never mind what they say as long as you did not do anything wrong. You are beautiful, talented and unique, so there is no reason to believe any fallacies.

Trice Nagusara The High Heeled Warriors

I am telling you all these not because I want to scare you about the reality of life, but because a lot of women these days forget their worth and sometimes, turn their back on their goals as they let themselves pull down by criticisms and insecurities. Yes, every word they say causes pain, but never when you know who you really are and when you believe on your own talent, wit and beauty. That is why, just two weeks ago, NBC Heeled Warriors organized an event specifically for women. Its aims to empower and inspire women, focusing on inner and outer beauty, and giving them the confidence to achieve their personal, family, and career goals.

Trice Nagusara The High Heeled WarriorsTrice Nagusara The High Heeled Warriors

Successful and influential women, shared their up and down experiences and inspiring stories that motivate us to keep on fighting and to be smart and strong as we make our way to success. They also tackled the different roles of Filipina women in shaping modern society, and why is it important to identify the roles played today by women.

Trice Nagusara The High Heeled WarriorsTrice Nagusara The High Heeled Warriors

That day was one of the days I consider as inspiring and fruitful. I learned a lot from the guest speakers and the activities helped me to identify the type of personality I have. Thus, I am really thankful to be invited to this event. Witnessing such stories inspire me to do better, and to stay confident and optimist that I can achieve all of my goals. Thank you, NBC Universal for making this happen.

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