Trice Nagusara Party Essentials

Tote bags or big shoulder bags are girls’ life, literally. It seems that their whole life and closet are inside of it even they are just heading out to school, work or mall; because the truth is, us, girls, have a lot of things that we need in life even that in reality, we really do not need any of those. We just think we need it. Hence, we bring everything with us! And admit it, inside that bag are pouches in different colors and sizes – yes, there are bags inside a bag! But these things only happen in the regular days of a girl, because when the glamour starts and the night parties are everywhere, plus, when the month for prom is here, you have no choice but to pare it down to the important ones. And to help you with that, here are the few must-haves of a perfect party clutch.

Trice Nagusara Party Essentials

1. Beauty Essentials | Nobody wants to look oily and shiny in the red carpet, right? So pack your beauty kit in a way that can fit in your clutch – unless, you want to bring your tote with you? So here’s a tip, dump some loose powder onto your powder puff and then wrap it in a tissue. It will be perfect if you will place it in a sealed plastic to prevent it from making a mess. Also, pack up a few pieces of your oil film and make-up cleansing tissue, and put it as well in a sealed plastic. And of course, a mirror and a lipstick will help you to survive the night.

2. Bobby Pins | Bobby pins are the best tools to keep your hair look neat and clean. So in case of any hair emergencies, bobby pins will definitely become your saviour.

3. Safety Pins | You can never avoid crazy things from happening especially when you are all having fun and dancing all night. When something happens to your dress, do not be obvious and help yourself with some safety pins to hide the damage, and to keep you from looking like a mess.

Trice Nagusara Party Essentials

4. Perfume | Of course, you want to smell good and fresh until the night ends, right? So pour your favorite perfume in a small container that fits to your clutch.

5. Band Aids | Dancing all night can be fun but not for your feet. Place a band aid right where the shoe hits your skin and you will be able to dance the night away!

6. Breath Mints | Keep your breath fresh and do not let yourself go through embarrassment with some breath mints or candies in your clutch.

7. Phone | And because there is no digital camera that can fit in your clutch, do not forget to bring your phone with you to document the night. Also, you might need it in case of emergency.

Trice Nagusara Party Essentials

And of course, to really make that perfect clutch perfect, make sure to opt for the perfect one. So here are my top picks from SM Parisian (these are all available in any branches of The SM Store).

Hope these essentials will keep you prepared from anything that might happen. But one thing that you should not forget is to have fun and be confident all the time! 🙂