Confidence and courage are the two C’s that women should not be lacking. Whether in school, work or in their everyday lifestyle, these two should always be present and are meant to stand out because aside from having great conviction and credibility when you wear these C’s, achieving your goals and dreams are also part of the prize. Hence, why let those inner voices of doubt hinder you to gain what you deserve when you got a lot of good outcome waiting for you to grab the chance and to speak up? Is it because it takes a lot of courage and confidence to do it? What you prefer? Regretting in the end? Or having a happy and satisfying life as you achieve your dreams and become what you love to be?

Trice Nagusara

Keep in mind that each choice always has a corresponding effect and outcome, and by letting yourself to be weak and afraid all the time, it will be hard for you to reach your aims especially that in life, there is no turning back. So when thoughts of weakness and discouragement pop in your head, one thing you should always remember: if you let those things affect you, how about your goals? Trust yourself because you are smart and talented thus, there is nothing to worry or doubt about because you can certainly do it!

Have you encountered such experience when you were already pursuing your goal when you suddenly doubted yourself? What did you do and how did you fight that inner voice of doubt? Share your experience at and you might win 50k worth of Topshop GCs! Check out the mechanics here.

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