Life is never simple; it is the most complicated, unfair and unpredictable thing you will ever encounter. The only thing that you have to confront without any textbooks to guide you and without teachers to give you those scopes and limitations, none of those; because everything depends on you. Yes, it is giving you a lot of pressure that some of us, sad to say, decided to just give up. So if you are reading this right now, I congratulate you for being strong. Keep it up because life never gets tired of challenging you or everyone because life is actually a survival game, and it sucks.

Trice Nagusara

1. Life is a big question mark.

No matter how much thinking or effort you put into that career path that you made as a requirement before graduating, let me guess, none of that has happened yet and you do not even know if it is going to happen or not. Because the thing is, you really cannot tell the future and sometimes, what you thought you want is not really what you want. Everything is just an impromptu plan that serves as the only point when you will finally know what you really love and what will make you happy. What will happen next after you figure things out? Actually, I do not know. It is only you and fate can answer that. The only thing I know is, life is much better when you pursue your own happiness.

2. Life has these specific characters that tend to ruin you and your trust. In short, life is full of fake people.

Life is not the only thing that is complicated; it is the people around you as well. One day you are friends with them and then the next day you are the topic. And whatever you do, for them, everything is funny and wrong because they think they are perfect – and that is the most hilarious thing that they can ever think of. But whatever, they are just the Regina George that you should cross out of your life, simply because they are unimportant. Thus, nothing to bother and just move on because letting that affect you will just make the demons happy and you do not want that, right? Always remember that you are way better than them. They are just the insecure cowards and you are the queen. So smile, chin up and walk as if you are the boss.

3. Life is a ticking time bomb.

There are many stories about the origin of life, but how and when it will be taken from us? Nobody knows. And so, you should take every minute as a gift to become better and to let your loved ones know how much you love them. Take it as a chance to achieve your goals, and make actions and decisions that you will not regret even after years. Who knows, today might be your last day.

4. Life and its twisted stories.

“Expect the unexpected” one of the most popular sayings in the world. Hence, everyone is tweeting about it and I am writing about it because these three words clearly describe life in a nutshell: anything is possible to happen and the worst part is, you do not know if it is good or evil. Oh well, C’est la vie. But here is a tip: never depend or even expect on something or someone that you know will not last forever – It hurts less in that way, trust me – and by always reading between the lines it helps you to know the exact thing that is happening or will happen. In short, never settle on what you are hearing or reading. If there is one thing I enjoy doing, it is knowing the person I am dealing with in every angle of his or her character and personality. At least, I know who to trust and who is the two-faced bitch, but do not worry I can act as if I know nothing.

5. Life is all about choices.

Life is still beautiful no matter what, you just have to handle it wisely. Learn to balance things and focus on what and who will make you truly happy and contented. Keep in mind that perfect life does not exist, it is just part of people’s dreams and imaginations. Remember, shit always happens. So do not be sad when something wrong happens because it is normal. Just deal with it and you will see how strong you will be, and when things get tough just remember to look on the bright side, and always think of the remedy and not just cry like a baby. Life depends on you, so if it became hell, one thing was sure: you let the devil win and you forgot that you were the queen.

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