I am a burger lover since I was a kid, but if there is one thing that always frustrates me whenever I am having one, it is how different brands of burgers taste almost similar – until I tried Tokyo Tokyo’s Wagyu Burger.

Tokyo Tokyo Wagyu BurgerWhat makes it different from the usual burger?

–  Tokyo Tokyo Wagyu Burgers are made of 100% Locally-raised Wagyu beef.
–  Its bun is a Brioche Bun that is highly enriched soft and tasty French bread with high egg and butter content, which makes it really flavorsome!
–  It comes in three varieties: Wagyu Cheeseburger, Double Cheeseburger and Rising Sun Burger.

And now, Tokyo Tokyo introduces their Signature Burger Series with Mozza Furai Wagyu Burger and Chicken Teriyaki Burger.

Tokyo Tokyo Mozza Furai Wagyu BurgerUnlike the common cheeseburgers, Mozza Furai Wagyu Burger has a layered of mozzarella cheese patty, sliced cheese, Wagyu beef patty, a bed of fresh lettuce, and a Sriracha mayo sandwiched in a soft brioche bun. As a result, every bite you can taste the gooeyness of its mozzarella patty coated in a cheese-flavored batter and Japanese crumbs. Trust me, this burger is really delish and juicy, which makes it my favorite! What is more, its price is only P195!

Tokyo Tokyo Wagyu Burger Chicken Teriyaki BurgerOn the other hand, if you are craving for a savory burger with a well-balanced flavor and perfect combination of ingredients, you should try Tokyo Tokyo’s Chicken Teriyaki Burger. For P175, you get to taste a generous and premium signature chicken teriyaki fillet, grilled the Japanese way, filled with sliced cream cheese and fresh lettuce all in a soft brioche bun.

Also, do not forget to pair your choice of burger with Nori Wasabi Fries, Potato balls or Tempura Onion Rings and Signature Red Tea!

Trice Nagusara Tokyo Tokyo Wagyu BurgerSo, are you ready for a unique burger experience? Visit the nearest Tokyo Tokyo branch now!