As someone who is into fashion since 90’s, you may be wondering how many clothes, bags and shoes I pack whenever I travel considering that I do outfit shoots most of the time – for content, of course. But before anything else, just FYI: I only wear one outfit per day, I do not change for the sake of the gram, and I may look too extra sometimes BUT I am in my COMFIEST.

Going back, just like everyone else, the apparel I choose is depending on the weather and on my activity or itinerary for that day. Like my Taiwan trip last September: my outfits are mostly knee-length or midi dresses and skirts, as I am more comfortable in them most especially that the weather was a bit hot and sometimes, it was raining. Plus, our days in Taipei only involved eating, walking and riding the train. So, I only wore trousers once. And knowing my style, I mostly opted for vibrant colors. Now the question is, how about my bag or shoes? Here’s my secret: white shoes, vibrant socks and dark or muted color of bag.

Trice Nagusara Taiwan OutfitTrice Nagusara Taiwan OutfitTassel Earrings Señorita Hermosa, Sneakers Keds

There is no doubt that white shoes are easy-peasy to style and to match with other colors, but when it comes to bags, it is a bit challenging to stick with one shade particularly when you selected different hues for your outfits. Thus, sometimes, I ended up picking the safest color, such as gray, that suits to any shades. On the contrary, in this trip, I handpicked my black and brown bags, which fortunately matched with the color of my ensembles – any muted and dark shades are always safe and easy for mixing and matching, even for pastels.

Trice Nagusara Taiwan OutfitDress Plains & Prints, Sneakers Keds

Trice Nagusara Taiwan OutfitMy favorite accent: Recently, colorful socks are my becoming my favorite accent particularly when I opted for white or black shoes. They become my way of coordinating one different color to another, regardless of how light, dark or vivid the colors are, or simply just an accent to my monotone look.

Trice Nagusara Taiwan OutfitDress Plains & Prints, Socks Richer Poorer, Sneakers Keds

Trice Nagusara Taiwan OutfitTop 37La, Sneakers Adidas

With regards to the trousers, here’s why I sported one: I am always fascinated with classy looking tops since day one, and sometimes, even if I do not have events, I still wear one. I just make sure to tone it down by matching it with plain trousers and sneakers like what I did with this top that I am wearing. And to still make my ensemble look attractive, I stick to one color: I donned light blue for my top and bottoms, and a darker shade of blue for my shoes for accent – white shoes still look fine with this ensemble.

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