Want to go simple but not too basic? stylish but without prints? Let me introduce you to a fabric that maintains the humbleness of the whole look yet adds a twist of chicness and attractiveness. Laces have their own way to make something appealing out of simplicity. Unlike floral prints, laces are easy to deal with: they are just like plain shirts that can be paired with prints, colors or even basics. The only thing that challenges you to prevent when wearing laces, is looking like you have just stepped out of your grandmother’s closet, or you have just being resourceful and tried wearing your grandmother’s tablecloth underneath her figurines –haha! That is way too awkward!

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On Trice Nagusara: Top Chase | Pants Plains & Prints | Necklaces and Bag SM Accessories | Loafers Free Fish

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Being a lace newbie does not have to have huge adjustments especially when you are a print fanatic; because the only thing that you have to remember is to keep it minimal by sticking to one lace garment: I know matching up your dainty pieces all at the same is kind of addicting, but that will only lead into something you might regret –how about a walking grandmother’s curtain? That sounds so wrong in so many ways! Haha!

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Laces continue to establish their image as being the timeless fashion piece since our grandmother’s teenage years until today. They have a fantastic way to turn your ensemble into something that has an undisputed femininity and elegance. From tops, to skirts, to accessories and sophisticated gowns everything becomes sophisticated when laces are involved, however, again, keep in mind that the key to making a modern lacy statement is to keep it minimal and to go for the unexpected.

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One way to style it is with colored pants, simple but stylish necklaces and a pair of loafers with gold accent. Since my top has golden brown laces, pairing it with colors is easier, like with these blue pants. On the other hand, matching it with gold together with my blue pants turns out to be more appealing and stylish. Now if the see-through details are bothering you, wearing it with blazers is a good idea as well, especially these days that the weather remains to be unpredictable.

Trice Nagusara La Petite 2

I know how hassle it is to wear flats during the unpredictable days of the weather –particularly the ones that are only made with fabric. That is why, during these rainy-sunny-rainy days, a chic pair of jelly flats is something that girls should consider wearing. Getting your feet wet is something that you cannot avoid during rainy days, but at least you can save your cutesy flat shoes from getting ruined through these waterproof jelly shoes. What do you think of these classy loafers I got from Free Fish?

Shot by Seph Cham

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