Next to being healthy, looking good is what most people give priority; because who does not want to look good anyway? As a result, different products are being tried, applied and taken until one finds the right brand that is effective and suits to his or her skin without triggering any allergic reactions or negative side effects – one of these is whitening product such as glutathione.

Undiscovered health benefits of Glutathione (Snow Caps)

However, because of the rumored negative effects of glutathione to our health, it hinders most people to continue using the substance or even to try it – even me got intrigued if the rumors were true. So, I attended the leading food supplement brand, VIDA NutriSciences’ press conference teamed up with Japan’s Kohjin Life Sciences last week, to see and learn the truth behind these rumors.

Undiscovered health benefits of Glutathione (Snow Caps)

During the press con, three Japanese guest speakers who all have promising backgrounds in the fields of medical and pharmaceutical research and technology discussed and revealed the undiscovered health benefits of Glutathione and proved that the rumored negative effects are not true.

They mentioned that aside from the fact that glutathione lightens skin, keeps a flawless complexion and maintains a healthy liver, the substance has been found to detoxify our liver and our overall body from harmful toxins and heavy metals, which can be found from what we consume.

Undiscovered health benefits of Glutathione (Snow Caps)

It is also found to be an effective immunity booster against deadly diseases such as AIDS, cancer, diabetes and even cardiace disease. Additionally, glutathione helps in keeping our physique in shape and improves male fertility by providing needed nutrients for the sperm.

With all these, VIDA and Kohjin will pursue their campaign to break myths and raise awareness about glutathione and ultimately, to provide more accessible glutathione supplements, such as Snow Caps, for the greater good of Filipino’s health and wellness.

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