Global fashion giant UNIQLO takes style and functionality to the next level as it launched its 2014 Fall-Winter Collection at the SM Megamall Fashion Hall. Carrying the brand concept of “Lifewear,” or clothes that make life better, the new designs are highly functional, affordable, and of outstanding quality, fulfilling the practical demands of fashion-forward Filipinos.

Trice Nagusara Uniqlo Women's Sweats

VIP guests, the media and consumers got a clearer picture of each project’s function and application in their everyday lives as UNIQLO presented the Fall-Winter Collection in Life Cubes to represent different lifestyle situations: Travel (Ultra Light Down, Heattech, Fleece), Play (Denim, UT Sweaters, Flannel), and Work (Ines De la Fressange, Smart Style Pants, Extra Fine Merino).

Trice Nagusara Uniqlo W's Ultra Stretch Jeans

Women’s Ultra Stretch Jeans | The latest UNIQLO Denim for women fit to flatter, boasting an enhanced stretch and wide range of cuts and colors.

Trice Nagusara Uniqlo Men's Selvedge Denim

Men’s Selvedge Denim | Made of selvedge denim woven on vintage looms, the new UNIQLO Denim for men are less prone to fraying, making them a durable style staple that can be worn every day.

Trice Nagusara Uniqlo Smart Style Pants 1

Smart Style Pants | UNIQLO achieves the perfect balance of versatility, comfort and sophistication in the latest Smart Style Pants.

Trice Nagusara Uniqlo Women's Heattech

Women’s Heattech | UNIQLO’s revolutionary Heattech collection now has added Camellia oil for softer, smoother feel.

Trice Nagusara Uniqlo ULD Travel 1

Ultra Light Down | Made of high-quality materials, UNIQLO’s new Ultra Light Down designs keep the wearer warm on cold days, without sacrificing style.

Trice Nagusara Uniqlo Fleece Product Shot

Fleece Caption | Extra warm yet ultra light, UNIQLO’s latest Fleece collection is perfect for layering.

Trice Nagusara Uniqlo Men's Sweats 2

Sweaters | UNIQLO keeps its newest Sweater designs practical yet fun, using top-quality materials and collaborating with artists such as Pharrell Williams.

UNIQLO continues to open large-scale stores in some of the world’s most important cities and locations, as part of its ongoing efforts to solidify its status as a truly global brand. Today, the company has a total of more than 1,200 stores in 14 markets worldwide including Japan, China, France, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, U.K. and U.S. In addition, Grameen UNIQLO, a social business established in Bangladesh in September 2010, opened its two first stores in Dhaka in July 2013. UNIQLO operates an integrated business model under which it designs, manufactures, markets and sells high-quality, casual apparel. The company believes that truly great clothes should be supremely comfortable, feature universal designs, are of high quality and offer a superb fit to everyone who wears them.

For more information about UNIQLO, please visit www.uniqlo.com.

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