In this sweat-inducing summer heat, we all wish to look and feel fresh all throughout the day no matter what with the hope as high as the sky that skin breakouts will never happen to you considering how the weather causes you oilier skin, which can result to girls’ number one enemy: pimples. So to help you prevent any skin breakouts from happening, I will share with you my new favorite facial mask that I discovered at Watsons: Lindsay Brightening Pearl Modeling Mask.

If you saw my Instagram post just recently, you would know that I accepted Watsons Mask Revolution 7-day challenge in which I should use one particular mask for seven days straight to have a smooth skin like my favorite K-Drama girl! So how it went?

Watsons Mask Revolution Challenge

As mentioned, Lindsay Brightening Pearl Modeling Mask is my newly discovered mask and also, my new favorite! But first, why I chose this mask? Well, cut to the chase, rubber and clay mask is highly recommended for oily skin like mine and thus, made me decide to pick this instead of mask sheets. Plus, this product got everything that I needed to prevent pimples or skin breakouts: it focuses on deep cleaning pores by lifting away impurities and dead skin cells, which refines skin surface! So, I used and tested it every night for seven days!

NOTE: After I peeled off the mask, I still did my usual skincare routine of applying serum, moisturizer and eye cream. Cleanser and toner were done before using the mask.

Watsons Mask Revolution Challenge


Yep, it looks messy at first but its packaging made it convenient most especially that it comes with a spatula! In addition, there is a line indicator for the amount of water needed so putting too much water is not something to worry about.

Watsons Mask Revolution Challenge

For the result, here are my observations:

Day 1 and 2: The night after I used Lindsay Brightening Pearl Modeling Mask for the first time, my face felt softer and smoother, which probably because of the removed dead skin cells.

Day 3: My tiny pimples started to get dry.

Day 4: I noticed that my skin begun to have its natural glow.

Day 5: My pimples were gone and my skin felt really smooth and soft.

Day 6 and 7: My skin looked clearer, brighter and smoother that even my friends noticed it!

Watsons Mask Revolution Trice Nagusara

What I like about Lindsay Brightening Pearl Modeling Mask is how effective it is in drawing out impurities and unclogged pores because I did not get new pimple since day one until now. Also, my skin is now smoother, softer and brighter. Plus, it suits to my combination type of skin – meaning my face’s T-Zone has oily skin while the other parts are normal – which is now oilier due to summer’s heat! Hence, even after this challenge, I am totally sure that I will still continue to use this mask one to two times a week – not only this, but will also try Lindsay Energizing Gold Modeling Mask and Lindsay Purifying Charcoal Modeling Mask!

On a different note, here are the winners of my Watsons Mask Revolution giveaway: @tinmesinaaa, @kylazzlle and @ambrielg! Kindly email your name, address and contact number to mail@lapetite.ph! Congrats, girls! And I cannot wait to hear your Watsons Mask Revolution experience!

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