What do you get when you fall in love? Expectations, disappointments, heartbreaks and of course, pain. You will encounter the pain that you never experienced before; the pain that hurts much more than the pain you felt when you got tripped and fell on the ground when you were a kid; because love is actually an asshole. Yes, it can make you smile like an idiot and laugh like there is no tomorrow but then it can also make you cry like a baby. Yeah, love sucks! Really, really, sucks! But admit it, no matter how much pain you go through, it is still a wonderful feeling to fall in love over and over again until you meet that right person.

Seph Cham and Trice NagusaraSeph Cham and Trice Nagusara

Love is not perfect, it is not related to any fairytales or to any of your fantasies, and truth is, there is no happy ending; because in reality, love is all about making that imperfect love perfect while making it last forever. Complicated? Of course! Love cannot be simple.

Seph Cham and Trice Nagusara

But love can give you lots of fun and happy days. It can be a drug that can make your hormones go wild and can make you smile even when you are all alone – creepy, right? But when that happens, I am sure you have already fallen to love’s tricky trap; you are already falling in love… How did I know? Because that palm sweating, head spinning and the loud and fast heartbeats were what I felt the first time I saw this guy beside me.

Seph Cham and Trice Nagusara

I can still remember those times when we stayed up late just to talk to each other for hours until six in the morning (yes this is serious), and those moments when we were laughing for minutes even without no reason at all. Maybe, love is really a drug. The only drug I love especially when my love’s recipient is my other half, Seph.

Seph Cham and Trice Nagusara

So what did I get when I fell in love? A best friend and lover who is willing to make forever possible with me. And that person is the one I love and will always love to keep forever… (I love you, sweetie! sephcham)

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