Every time I have a scheduled vacation in Baguio, my outfit is the first thing I plan and think about; not that I want to shoot a lot of outfit shots but to take advantage of the cold weather, and when I do, wearing black opaque tights is always part of the plan.

Trice Nagusara La Petite

Just like your black leggings, black opaque tights can be sported under any bottoms you own but obviously not with pants. The good thing about wearing one: your summer dresses can be donned and useful once again and this time, with a different touch. It is not actually difficult to play around with black tights as they are in muted color that can get along with any shades and prints, but instead of mixing and matching one shade with the other, I have decided to make color black my outfit’s main shade and opted for few vibrant prints and a neutral shade top just to prevent having too dark ensemble. In addition, to add another accent to my almost all black ensemble, I sported a textured blazer with tiny silver beads. Through this, I have put up an ensemble that even though mostly comprised of black, still looks cute and fun!

Trice Nagusara La Petite

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Shot by Seph Cham