Avon Perfectly Matte Lipstick(From left to right: Wild Berry, Superb Wine, Hot Plum, Red Supreme, Coral Fever, Vibrant Melon, Ruby Kiss, Mauve Matters, Splendidly Fuchsia, and Pure Pink)

What you see:
If for you, “kilay” is life; for me, lipstick is everything, because for someone who does not have naturally red lips, I look pale without it. Thus, wherever I go, I always have one lip tint or lipstick in my bag. And the color? Well, I only keep one shade for my lip tint so I do not have much choice, but for my lipstick, right now, I own 8 shades that I use for events, and another 20 new shades that I got from Avon!

Avon Perfectly Matte Lipstick(From left to right: Electric Pink, Adoring Love, Pink Passion, Roughed Perfection, Pink Truffle, Blush, Peach Flatters, Au Naturale, Tempting Mauve, and Rose Awakening)

These lipsticks are not just any other lipstick; they have 100% matte finish yet they do not cause any dryness, flaking and discomfort. What is more, these 20 gorgeous shades really complement any outfit for every occasion. Plus, Avon’s Perfectly Matte Lipstick is only Php 399 each – definitely inexpensive for a very good quality.

Avon Perfectly Matte Lipstick(From left to right: Electric Pink, Adoring Love, Pink Passion, Roughed Perfection, Pink Truffle, Blush, Peach Flatters, and Rose Awakening)

So, which one is my favorite? This is actually a difficult question, but I am torn between Au Naturale, Roughed Perfection and Peach Flatters. Oh and did I mention? Everything smells good!!!

What you don’t see:
Okay, we, women, may be vain. From the makeup that takes us so long to apply to the skincare that we use day and night, no doubt that we love to look good every day – I even mentioned earlier how I cannot head out without wearing lip tint or lipstick. But those are given and those are what you see about us, what you do not know is how picky some of us when it comes to underwear. Yup, even if no one will see the color and appearance of our undies, most of us are very particular with such details – I am very guilty about this too. Like for my bra, I only want specific colors such as black and beige, and I have to own at least one seamless of each color; the fit should be flawless; and I hate prints. That is why, when I learned about Avon’s Nude Bra Line, I did not hesitate to check it out!

Avon Underwear - Nude Bra Line

But why I only want color beige and black? Simply because these are the hues that are invisible underneath any shades – opting for color white may be fine for some, but donning it underneath a white shirt somehow appears to be visible than sporting beige, hence, beige. So, I really go-gaga with these nude bras that Avon recently released!

Colors such as Light Skintone, Pink Champagne, Rose Gold, Dark Skintone, Nude, Mocha, Coffee, and Dark Brown, are available and coming from a picky person like me, each is a must buy particularly that they come in different form and function, and they are in their lowest price! Additionally, these underwire bras are lightweight that guarantee maximum comfort!

So, who’s up for “nude” day? Pun intended.

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