When things get hard, when life turns you down and when your luck finally treats you with a smile, one thing is always there to cheer you up, to keep you in the mood and to celebrate your success and happiness with you, music. From radio to Discman to mp3 player to iPod, music has been everyone’s buddy ever since it was born. And now, in this digital age where everything is more convenient and portable, music can already accompany you during your travels or even during your extreme activities (mountain climbing, camping, etc.). However, even though there are so many choices to choose from, it is sometimes hard to know which one is really worth every penny. Something that will surely be with you, giving high sound quality for years and not just for months.

Trice Nagusara Ye!! Speaker 01

So speaking of durability and good quality sound, let me introduce to you my Ye!! BTS 710 Portable Bluetooth Speaker! When I got this, cute was the first thing I said then having a realization that this one is just so me was the next thing that came in my mind – yeah, because it is pink and it is neon.

Trice Nagusara Ye!! Speaker 04

The package includes Micro USB to USB and 3.5 mm splitter cable, and a hand strap, which allows you to hang on your bag by clipping it to a carabiner then attaching it to your bag’s strap – this is perfect when cycling, hiking, mountaineering or camping. Aside from the convenience that this speaker offers, it is also water, dust and impact resist that made it become the ideal music companion during your adventures.

Trice Nagusara Ye!! Speaker 03

All you have to do is to switch the speaker to BT mode that you can find at the back part of it. Then, turn on your device’s Bluetooth and scan for devices in its Bluetooth menu. When the “Ye!! – BTS” appears on the device list of your device, select it then viola! Great sound for your favorite music is now ready to boost your mood!

Keep in mind that the speaker has a 33 feet range in open field. If you move out of range or turn off the Bluetooth feature on your Bluetooth device, the speaker will disconnect from your device. On the other hand, for those who prefer using their non-Bluetooth audio device, just switch the speaker to AUX IN at its slide switch then connect it through Micro USB to USB and 3.5 mm splitter cable.

Trice Nagusara Ye!! Speaker 02

The sound quality of Ye!! BTS 710 Portable Bluetooth Speaker is worthwhile of expending. For just 1,950php you can already have a good quality sound that can play great songs up to 6 hours on Bluetooth while 10 hours on Line-in. Plus, it has stylish colors to choose from: green, blue, pink, yellow and red.

Need a proof? Watch my Ye!! BTS 710 Portable Bluetooth Speaker audio test below!

Ye!! BTS 710 Portable Bluetooth Speaker is available in any Digital Walker and Beyond The box branches!

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