Sometimes, I wonder why it is so unfair that it takes a lot of effort to be a woman; we need to be vain, we have to have good posture, we should always fix our hair, we need to wear makeup and we must take care of our skin regardless of whatever reasons and excuses. It is challenging, effortful and… costly. That is why, whatever product and/or service a woman purchases, it needs to be worthwhile. Thus, as one of my needs as a woman, laser hair removal in particular, one clinic I discovered that is generous with every product that it uses and applies during the procedure and that is doing a very good job in every treatment that it offers: Ysa Skin and Body Experts in Mindanao Avenue branch.

Trice Nagusara Ysa Skin and Body ExpertsTrice Nagusara Ysa Skin and Body ExpertsTrice Nagusara Ysa Skin and Body Experts

Since high school, it was twice to thrice a month that I visit a certain waxing salon to get my armpits and legs waxed, until I realized that what I was expending for waxing for my armpits every year was almost the same price of having a laser hair removal. Hence, I decided to try it at one of the derma clinics near my home. To be honest and aboveboard, at first, I thought the service was fine until I tried Ysa’s laser hair removal.

Trice Nagusara Ysa Skin and Body Experts

During the first session, I observed every action that the therapist did: first, she covered my eyes with goggles, similar with the one used for tanning; second, she shaved my armpits’ hair for they advised not to pluck, shave or wax the hair weeks before the treatment – because the laser targets the roots of the hair, which are temporarily removed by waxing or plucking; third, she cleaned up the shaved hair and then applied the cold gel; and lastly, she set the machine, tried to the area, asked if the pain was okay or tolerable and then assured that the best settings of the machine were used without any bad skin reaction.

Trice Nagusara Ysa Skin and Body Experts

While she did the treatment, my observation was: she applied generous amount of gel and made sure that the gel was cold to ease the pain caused by the laser. Compared with the first derma clinic where I tried laser hair removal treatment for the first time, they only applied a thin layer of gel and it was not cold, which made the whole procedure painful and caused skin redness. So it was only in Ysa that I learned that a thick layer of gel should be put on the skin to lessen the pain, and the gel should be cold.

After the treatment, I was advised to go back after seven days and that I should avoid sun exposure to prevent any complications.

Trice Nagusara Ysa Skin and Body ExpertsTrice Nagusara Ysa Skin and Body Experts

I also tried Ysa’s Cavislim or Cavitation Slimming treatment, but only on my cheeks. Yeah, chubby cheeks are cute but not when you are already 21 years old, and that is why I tried this treatment in Ysa. Basically, it is a procedure that involves ultrasound technology and heat. It reduces body fat and cellulite, but will not result to weight loss – which means you still need to go on a healthy diet and of course, to workout to really see the effect of the procedure especially if the part that is being treated is your belly. So in my case, there is only a little amount of fat that I can only lose, especially that my cheeks are naturally chubby.

Trice Nagusara Ysa Skin and Body Experts

Overall, my experience was fine and I am satisfied with the results. The staffers at Ysa Skin and Body Experts, Mindanao Avenue branch were all friendly, thoughtful, caring and careful especially during the treatments that I underwent.

To know more about Ysa Skin and Body Experts, visit their website at http://www.ysa.com.ph/

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