Underneath those colorful polishes, are your nails still pretty in bare? or too yellowish and damaged to leave it colorless? Well, if that is the case, there is nothing to worry about as there is still a way to bring back the natural beauty of your nails; because truth is, no matter how stunning the color of your polish is, nothing beats the look of naturally pinkish nails. So to get back the beauty of your nails, and also, your confidence to wear it bare and colorless, here is what you should try: Zoya Naked Manicure.

Zoya Naked Manicure

The Naked Manicure System is an internationally-acclaimed nail rejuvenating system that works two ways: first, it provides instant cosmetic correction by perfecting free edges, neutralizing discoloration, refining surface and leveling nail plate; and second, with continuous use, it brings back the natural beauty and health of your nails as it contains vitamin E, B5, red algae, ginko and a protein complex.

What is more, unlike other polishes, Naked Manicure System is vegan and free from any trace of five of the most common toxins found in cosmetic products, namely Dibuthyl Phthalate, which highly linked to cancer, problems in the endocrine system, risk of diabetes in women, nausea, reproductive issues and birth defects; Formaldehyde which is known cercinogen; Formaldehyle Resin that is known irritant; Toluene that is know to cause dizziness, dry skin, headaches, liver and kidney damage, nausea, numbness and has been linked to birth defects; and Camphor, a poisonous substance that also carries that same harmful effects as Toluene. None of these toxins can be found in any Zoya products as the brand wants to assure the safety of its products even for pregnant and lactating women.

Zoya Naked Manicure

Another good thing about Zoya Naked Manicure is that the polish lasts up to two weeks without causing any damage to your nails or even without triggering discoloration. So are you up for having healthy pinkish nails? It may be a bit pricey but it will surely worth every penny!

The Naked Manicure’s base and seal sell for Php 600 per bottle, which each perfector retails for Php 500. Salons offering the Naked Manicure System as a service include Beauty & Butter, Nailaholics, Nails.GLOW and Razor Sports Barbershop. Their prices for the service vary but range from Php 250 to Php 500 for manicure and Php 350 to Php 600 for pedicure.

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